Des Taylor, is an English pop art and comic book illustrator from London, England. He is a rising star in the world of Pop Culture creating cover art for DC Bombshells , Dr Who, Archie comics, Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition, as well as his creator-owned comic books Scarlett Couture, The Vesha Valentine Story, The Trouble With Katie Rogers and his latest book- The Blue Lotus Adventures.

Artist Artwork & Products

Alice in Wonderland - Down the Rabbit Hole - Products

Pin Up Brasil 70 - Products

Cherry Bomb Hot Rods - Products

Bad Pussycat - Products

Bad Pussycat Black T-Shirt By Despopart

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Red 7 - Silver Speedway - Products

Red Pinup - Products

Red Pinup Canvas Print By Despopart

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DXB Dubai Despopart - Products

Milk Order Coffee - Products

Milk Order Coffee White Mug By Despopart

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Break Order Tea - Products

Break Order Tea White Mug By Despopart

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Vesha's Coffee - Products

Vesha's Coffee White Mug By Despopart

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